Unleash your Team's Full Potential

All too often brainstorms and workshops become conversations or a leader assumes tight control of the session and steers the outcome. Walk away from our sessions with practical ways to test ideas immediately in your work. 

BetterWays Workshop

A look at how the best teams in the world are integrating better ways of working, like lean, agile and design-thinking to achieve extraordinary results.

Explore why work needs to change and find out how the world’s most successful teams from companies like Amazon, Apple, Patagonia and Google are designed to innovate.

We’ll cover:

  • Latest research on Organisational Design
  • Insights and research on human needs at work
  • How to apply design methods to improve the way people interact at work
  • Assess your team against the BetterWork team heuristic to determine where opportunities for change lie
  • Walk away with an implementation plan to integrate better ways of working along with a free Team Kit and Scale-Up Kit

Stewards of Change

You're a leader and your teams are about to undergo a major change. Learn how you and your leadership community lead in times of change.

Develop a Leadership Charter

Ideal for ManCo and ExCo teams stewards of change explores the roles of leaders.
  • Principles of Change
  • Behaviour Upgrade
  • Appraisal Methdods

Orchestrating Teams With Service Design

The ambitions of your team aren't matching the reality of their delivery. Learn Service Design techniques to bridge the gap between ambition and execution.

Service Design

In our service design workshop we'll take a customer challenge and exploring it using service design methods. Learn
  • What is Service Design?
  • Role of Service Design
  • Benefits of Service Design
  • Leading a Service Design Project
  • Practice Service Blueprinting
Walk away with a way to address a customer service opportunity.

Enterprise Social Network Enablement

Email, Slack, Office 365, WhatsApp... you're using them all but people still complain that communication sucks. Let's empower communities at w

Engage communities at work

Maximise the value of your investment in Enterprise Social Networks by learning:
  • Onboarding & Enablement Tactics
  • Community Design
  • Content Design
  • Community Assessments

Purpose to Practice

Move from espousal to activation by blending your organisation's purpose into everyday work.

Blend Purpose into Everyday Work

Unless you blend purpose in your work you're not working purposefully. Move from a definition of purpose to exploring ways to integrate it into everyday work.
  • Purpose Definition
  • Organisational Assesment
  • Identify Principles for Work and Leadership
  • Develop an activity plan

Design Ready

We help teams to adopt a human centered mindset and design-thinking process and look for ways to blend design-thinking methods and facilitation techniques into everyday work with minimal push-back.

Integrate Design Into Everyday Work

Unless the conditions at work support design you won't get the full benefit of its processes and principles. Attend our Design Ready course to learn:
  • Design-Thinking Fundamentals
  • Integrate Design in your team
  • Scaling design the organisation

Culture Shift

You know organisational culture and you can feel your company culture is blocking progress but you don't know where to start.

Activate Culture Change

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  • Map Culture
  • Principles for Culture Change
  • Activity Plan for Change

Productive Meetings at Work

Most employees waste 31 productive hours every month in pointless meetings. You’ll know if you’re in a pointless meeting if participants have their PCs open and are visibly distracted or you find yourself setting up more meetings because the meeting you’re in didn’t have a meaningful outcome.

Meetings must be deliberately designed to be effective. 

Book time with us if you want to increase your team’s productivity  by learning how to run better meetings at work.

Employee Experience Mapping

Assess employee journeys and the services they receive at work so as to design improved interactions. From recruitment, to on-boarding, to a graceful exit and beyond.


Book time with us to use your employee engagement data, employee feedback and learn about and then assemble an employee experience map for your organisation.

ContentOps – Content Design Primer

We work with marketing teams who are faced with the challenge of driving strategic business objectives such as customer acquisition, customer retention, employee engagement and retention.

With the best intentions, teams create new ideas, allocate budget and then face an uncertain future.

Will the campaign succeed? Will our customers engage? What will happen if we fail? How will we know if we’re succeeding?

High rates of uncertainty lead to risk-avoiding behaviour and organisations tend to avoid potential risk at the cost of innovation.

We created Content Ops to help teams increase the value of their content by providing them an evidence-based framework that embraces change and adaptability to suit the conditions of a fast and ever-changing market.


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