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The Case for Experience Design

For 7 years we’ve been helping teams of all sizes adapt and grow.

Our employee experience design team creates tools and ways of working to make teams great.

As a result of applying human centred design to the employee experience, employees become more satisfied with their work, organisations enjoy higher employee retention and engagement and ultimately customers get better service.

Read the case for investing in better work.

BetterWork Experiences

We improve the quality of interactions that people have at work by applying a
human-centred design approach to improving employee experience.

Build a Better Team


You're starting a team and need to establish a charter, goals, roles and a work rhythm or want to unlock the potential for learning and performance in an existing team.

Consistent Leadership


You want to foster alignment amongst your senior leadership so that they can better align their people behind a meaningful purpose and coherent strategy.

Better Work For All

Employee Experience Design

We embed in teams to assess and address recurring people issues like employee lifecycle design, meetings that suck or ineffective feedback.

Better Appraisals

Performance Appraisals

We explore ways to design appraisal processes and incentives that are beneficial for collective success and set about creating the conditions and values which enable it.

Communities that Work

Enterprise Social Networks

You want your investment Office365, Slack or other enterprise network to pay off; we can help to design ways to embed the tool into habits at work.

Engaged People

Learning & Content

You want internal comms and learning campaigns (emails, events or experiences) to engage people AND result in a behavioural change.

Productive Meetings at Work by Design

Most employees waste 31 productive hours every month in pointless meetings. You’ll know if you’re in a pointless meeting if participants have their PCs open and are visibly distracted or you find yourself setting up more meetings because the meeting you’re in didn’t have a meaningful outcome.

Meetings must be deliberately designed to be effective. Book time with us if you want to increase your team’s productivity  by learning how to run better meetings at work.

BetterWork Change Embeds

You’ve been trying to introduce a new way of working, technology or process and find people are reluctant to transition to a better way. 

6 – 12 month on-site coaching programmes to accelerate a change toward becoming a better place to work.

BetterWork partners with your People or HR team onsite to address a complex organisational challenge.

BetterWork Assessments

Quickly surface opportunities for improvement.

Finding a Better Way

Employee Experience Mapping

Assess employee journeys and the services they receive at work so as to design improved interactions. From recruitment, to on-boarding, to a graceful exit and beyond.

Get Design Ready

Design Thinking for HR

We help teams to adopt a human centered mindset and design-thinking process and look for ways to blend design-thinking methods and facilitation techniques into everyday work with minimal push-back.

Fast-Track Feedback

Employee Experience Pulse

Short assessments designed to take the pulse of your team to surface opportunities for immediate improvement.

Deep Dive into the Work

Workplace Research

Assess how your team members contribute value, communicate with one another and how teams work together via qualitative research and employee experience surveys.

Tools to Make Teams Great

Across all of our work, we have identified patterns and plays which immediately unlock better value for teams which we have found to be repeatable across changing contexts.

If you’re a team striving for impact, or a team looking to unlock new value from your market or managers trying to improve the way you lead you’ll find value in one of our tools  

Teams Unleashed

Team Deck

Across all of our work, we have identified patterns and plays which immediately unlock better value for teams which we have found to be repeatable across changing contexts. We've put them into one deck of cards which you can buy and share to quickly make a difference.

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Scale Up Sustainably

Scale Up Toolkit

Nice Work! Your business is growing and your team is too now it's time to align your people and their work with your organisation’s purpose and strategy. We've designed a Scale Up Toolkit to help you assess and improve your scale up business.

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Working With BetterWork

Reinard du Plessis
Reinard du Plessis

Very few times in business, do you get to participate in a process that can change the course of your business. That is exactly what BetterWork did for us.

Amanda Spohr
Amanda Spohr

BetterWork's practical, implementable approach enabled our team to learn new skills and apply them within a very quick timeframe.

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