The Creative Side of Culture Change at Work.

BetterWork is an employee experience design company. We're committed to making work better for everyone.

Partner with us to assess your organisational culture or to design workshops, experiences, events and campaigns to transform your organisation's culture, for the better.

Our Mission

People spend over half of their lives at work. It’s time we reinvented organisations as sites of creativity, learning and fulfilment and not just a means to an end. ​

We must make work, work, for everyone.

Theory in practice

Creative Strategy

Empower your team with an immediately practical new way of working, like hosting better meetings or work with our designers to address an employee experience challenge. 

Happy people perform at higher levels and contribute beyond what's expected of them and are less likely to quit.

Work Human Research Institute

Gain the creative  edge

Creative Capability

Our structured programmes blend learning methods to embed an Experience Design Capability into people teams or to ensure a new way of working becomes part of your team’s everyday work.  


How We Design Employee Experiences

We are a team of researchers, designers and technologists. We apply human-centred design methods to create better processes, technology, communication and experiences at work.
Our clients are leaders of people and communication teams who know there is a better way to work but aren't sure where to start. We partner with them to identify challenges in our workshops or pull our multi-disciplinary team together to address an employee experience challenge.
Our Areas of Expertise:
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Customer Experience 
  • Internal Communications
  • Leaders & People Teams  
  • Product & Service 
  • Technology
  • Financial Services 
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Education
  • Media & Advertising

COMMUNITY Engagement

Creative Change Campaign

Tap into our expert engagement team’s ability to communicate a new strategy, create memorable learning experiences or invest in turning a change programme into an organisation wide movement.

"It is good jobs that matter – where people feel a sense of stability, have a say in the workplace, know that their effort is recognised and rewarded, have the skills to do the job but also to develop their own potential, and trust that they will be treated fairly."

Matthew Taylor - The RSA's Taylor Report on Good Work

Creative Side of Culture Change

Culture Change

BetterWays Workshop

A look at how the best teams in the world are integrating better ways of working, like lean, agile and design-thinking to achieve extraordinary results.

Explore why work needs to change and find out how the world’s most successful teams from companies like Amazon, Apple, Patagonia and Google are designed to innovate.

Better Meetings

Most employees waste 31 productive hours every month in pointless meetings. You’ll know if you’re in a pointless meeting if participants have their PCs open and are visibly distracted or you find yourself setting up more meetings because the meeting you’re in didn’t have a meaningful outcome. 

Book time with us if you want to increase your team’s productivity  by learning how to run better meetings at work.

Experience Creativity at Work


BetterWork Academy

Integrate a
Better Way of Working

The BetterWays Academy is your team’s fast-track solution to integrating new ways of working and becoming more intentional about designing habits at work.

When your people do better, business does better. 


Pick a
Better Way

Select one ‘better way of working’, or, build a programme of your own by selecting the right mix for your business.


Book a

Set a date with your team for an on-site workshop. In the workshop we’ll practice and customise the way to be fit for your context.


Practice with
Your Coach

Create an upgrade plan with your coach and schedule video call check-ins with your team to continue adapting the “way” as feedback emerges . 


Your Playbook

At the end of your programme we’ll send you a branded tool and a playbook to support the ongoing use of your team’s new way of working. 

L&D Professional? Let us build a programme with you.
Book a design session

Tools to Make Teams Great

Across all of our work, we have identified patterns and plays which immediately unlock better value for teams which we have found to be repeatable across changing contexts.

If you’re a team striving for impact, or a team looking to unlock new value from your market or managers trying to improve the way you lead you’ll find value in one of our tools  

Teams Unleashed

Team Deck

Across all of our work, we have identified patterns and plays which immediately unlock better value for teams which we have found to be repeatable across changing contexts. We've put them into one deck of cards which you can buy and share to quickly make a difference.

Scale Up Sustainably

Scale Up Toolkit

Nice Work! Your business is growing and your team is too now it's time to align your people and their work with your organisation’s purpose and strategy. We've designed a Scale Up Toolkit to help you assess and improve your scale up business.

Make Work Better Today

Each week we’ll send you practical resources and tips to enhance your employee’s experience as well as good-reads about employee experience design.