The Better Way to Work as a Team

We made this deck after we decided that more people in teams needed to be empowered with tools to improve their, and their teams’ experience. 

For Deliberately Designing Better Habits at Work

There are so many tasks and daily activities that happen ‘just because they have always been done this way’ and these cards give you agency to change that, to question how you work and why, and to encourage better ways to work together. Ways that don’t clutter up your days with meetings, that help you start and end projects better and that altogether improve how you feel about your work and your team.

Employee Experience Basics

The purpose of this entire deck of cards is to give you the ability to redesign the ways in which you and your team experience work. In order to we share the principles of experience design with you so that you’re exposed to them before you jump into redesigning your experiences and solving your own team’s experience challenges.


These cards have guidelines for running some of the meetings we think are the most important in the teams we’ve worked with. Often meetings happen for the wrong reasons, these cards are for some of the right kinds.


Most teams we work with struggle the most to figure out agile and creative ways to solve complex problems. These cards introduce new ways to think about feedback, data and how this evidence impacts choices.


Most teams we work with struggle the most with finding ways to work together purposefully. These cards introduce ways to deliberately design the way the team works.


Most leaders of the teams we work with struggle with sustaining creative and collaborative leadership. These cards help to address leaders who are stuck in the work and don’t have time or capacity to lift their heads up and re-orientate the team around the purpose and meaning of the work.


Individuals within most teams we work with struggle to articulate to their team the best way to work with them. People have different strengths and weaknesses and knowing what these are and being able to communicate this with your co-workers creates diverse, high-performing and psychologically safe teams.

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