BW+ organised collaborative

BetterWork+ is an organised collaborative which distributes value fairly between design partners and clients. 

We match designers to organisations who want to grow their team with experts to solve complex challenges or rapidly develop an in-house design capability. 

Build It Better

We partner with people who are recognised leaders in their field of design who are tired of doing great work but only seeing a marginal return from it.

For organisations, we take the pain away from finding, vetting and procuring services from specialist designers. For designers, we take the pain away from gaining access to meaningful work from enterprise clients.

Trusted Collective

We apply the same rigour and professionalism as a consulting firm. You get a compliant vendor (Tax, VAT, BBB-EE) without paying for any unnecessary overheads, such as a fancy office or those blue suits consultants love to wear.

Transparent Billing

When you hire a BW+ partner, the fee structure is made transparent to all parties involved. Designers know what BW+ makes, what an organisation pays, and where the proceeds from the work are invested.

BetterWork Access

As a BetterWork+ client, you gain direct access to the BetterWork core team for ad-hoc coaching, unlimited access to BetterWork's design tools and regular invitations to BetterWork's Design Workshops and events.


BetterWork is a global organised collaborative. We are a community of designers. Our ethics are informed by a need to make work more human. To us that means distributing value fairly and putting people first.

We are kept up at night by designers working for at times only 30% of their real rate - and for what? To pay for an office and a blue suit? No way, no longer.

Join the Collective

If you want to retain your independence and get the benefit of being a part of an organised collective of designers, run by designers, then you should join BetterWork+

Fair Value Exchange

We know what it's like to work tirelessly to only make 50% of your day-rate. That is why we make sure that you're involved in the billing negotiation, are taking home the majority share of the rate we charge clients and we ensure the conditions in which you work are always supportive to your ongoing success.

Gain Access to Meaningful Work

We have privileged access to some of Africa's most loved companies and will match you to challenges as they arise.

If you need to join forces with other designers to take on a project as an established business, we can establish a BetterWork+ squad and help you to land meaningful work.

Added Value

We use a portion of all of the proceeds of the work we do together to invest in you. We will help you to fund a course, attend a conference or buy software or hardware to do your work.


BetterWork+ Specialist Expertise

BetterWork+ selects design specialists with extensive portfolios and evidence of having invested in maturing the African design industry via writing, talks or by supporting the design community.  

We Offer Access to Specialists in:


Content Design

Interaction Design

Experience Design

Service Design 

Employee Experience Design 

Venture Design


Gain Early Access

The GoodWork Society

BetterWork invests a portion of all proceeds generated from BetterWork+ into The GoodWork Society. The GoodWork Society is a design think-tank which aims to afford every South African with access to good work.

The GoodWork Society hosts monthly free public talks, lectures and workshops.